ISC Group Terms & Conditions

You can view ISC’s business terms and conditions below. You can also download a copy of our terms & conditions in PDF format for your records.

1) Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issuance.

2) ISC has the right to review, accept or decline a contract (if pricing and/or items are not according to quotation).

a. Pricing included in this quotation is for the equipment and quantities included in the RFQ (Request for Quote).

b. Purchase Orders for lesser amounts of equipment and/or length of contract require pre approval from ISC Director or Sales and/or re-quoted.

3) Pricing included in this quotation is for the SLA requested in the RFQ. Purchase Orders with a different SLA will not be accepted and will have to be re-quoted.

4) Prices only apply to annual contracts. Contracts with less duration must be re-quoted and approved by ISC before contract commencement.

5) Pricing is only valid if/when site surveys (Note: Please refer to ISC’s site survey form and guidelines), are returned to ISC within 30 days of contract commencement. ISC reserves the right to adjust pricing based on site survey differences.

6) ISC will not be accountable for meeting SLAs until completed site surveys have been returned and accepted by ISC.

7) ISC must be informed of all SOWs (Statement of Work) or any special customer requests (e.g. RoHS equipment sparing, firmware expectations, etc.) at the time of the quotation. ISC will not be held accountable for any special conditions if SOW is not specified in the RFQ.

a. Any changes to the SOW at the time of contract being awarded might require pricing adjustments.

8) ISC has the right to refuse quoting certain equipment.

9) All new contracts require a 30 day ramp up period after receipt of contract engagement (Note: in certain cases additional time will be required to support the contract. ISC will communicate the need for additional time to partners within the first 10 days of receiving contracts). ISC will accept service calls on a ‘Best Effort’ basis during the 30 Day ramp-up time for a new contract.

10) At the time of awarding the contract, equipment must be operational for at least 21 days prior to site surveys (Note: equipment functionality to factory specifications will be validated by equipment logs as required in the site survey form).

11) ISC will take a unit of equipment under contract immediately after completing repairs under a Time & Material basis, only if repaired by ISC.

12) Equipment that has not been operational per factory specifications during the prior 21 days, must be repaired by end user (Note: ISC may be engaged on a T&M basis to repair unit if requested, waving the 21 day validation period). All equipment NOT repaired by ISC must be functional per factory specifications for at least 21 days (logs submitted to ISC) before being placed under contract.

13) PO must include the ISC quote number and revision.

14) Terms and Conditions for RoHS products – ISC expects an equal to equal exchange for RoHS:

a. ISC will ship a RoHS compliant product and requires a RoHS compliant product to be returned. If a non RoHS unit is received in the return cycle to ISC, then the difference in the cost of the two units will be invoiced. Note: actual costs of the equipment (and not the maintenance cost) will be invoiced.

b. ISC requires receiving the same type of equipment as the one shipped. E.g. if a LTO3 drive is shipped to customer and a LTO1 is returned, then ISC will invoice the full value of an LTO3.

15) ISC requires a 30 day cancellation notice for any contract.

16) All non-working parts are to be returned to ISC in exchange for functioning parts sent to repair units under contract.

17) A 30% penalty of the total contract value will be charged if contract is cancelled before 12 months from issuance of PO


1) Firmware upgrades or downgrades. (Note: ISC can function as the customer’s agent on a T&M basis from the OEM).

2) Consumables such as metal frames or panels, chassis, doors, keys, key locks, screws, nuts, sliding bars, hinges, media (tapes), filters, batteries, anything with predefined date of expiration, etc.

3) Software support of any kind.

4) ISC treats warranty and non-warranty items the same. No discounts for warranty equipment will be given.

5) Power cords, network communication cords, cables or any other external cords or cables are not covered.

6) ISC does not support infrastructure equipment unless it is included under contract, including but not limited to: servers, UPS, accessories, routers, switches, network equipment, power supplies, cooling systems, and any other peripherals. Please specify in the quote for added coverage.

7) Equipment damage by physical abuse.

8) Equipment damage by acts of god.