ISC-CHS™ Remote Monitoring

ISC-CHS™ Remote Monitoring offers customers a flexible, self-managed monitoring service that can be upgraded for 24/7/365 call center support.

ISC-CHS™ Remote Monitoring

ISC-CHS™ allows our customers to have a monitoring service that can be self managed, or can easily be upgraded to be monitored by our call center team on a 24x7x365 basis.

Additionally, we can also provide hardware maintenance contract for all the systems monitored, so you don't have to worry when your systems are reaching their "End Of Support Life" with the manufacturers.

Expand your service with a maintenace contract where we will not only alert you on a failure, but we will also create a ticket and send a Field Engineer with a replacement part to solve any hardware related issue.

How do we monitor?

To monitor we use a software client that can be installed on any windows system, we have a “multi-thread” version of our software for newer windows versions, and a “single-thread” version for older windows versions.

Every client is configured from our web-page, and a custom installator executable is created, so no additional configuration will be needed once the client is installed.

Once the client is installed, it will test connection to the systems you have previously defined, and will start gathering logs.

Once the logs have been gathered, the monitoring client will send those logs trough to our central monitoring server.

  • The monitoring system will only send logs, and will not gather or send any customer data.
  • Only outgoing communication is allowed, the monitoring system does not allow any incoming connection. 
  • The monitoring software can use: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Modem connections as a transport method.

Once the logs have been sent, our monitoring server will check them and if there is any hardware failure, it will send an alert.

If you opted for “Self Monitoring”, your alerts will be sent by SMS and/or E-MAIL, if you opted for “ISC Monitoring”, we will also call you by phone to notify you.

If you additionally acquired a support contract with us, we will also create an incident ticket, and schedule a Field Engineer to replace the failed hardware.