ISC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions


As a partner of ISC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) plays a pivotal role in providing state-of-the-art technology solutions to ISC's clients. HPE is committed to driving innovation and sustainability, offering a broad range of products and services that support businesses in their digital transformation journeys. Their extensive portfolio includes servers, storage, networking, edge computing, hybrid cloud, AI, and software-defined infrastructure, which are designed to modernize IT infrastructure, increase efficiency and performance, and enhance security.

HPE is well-recognized for its tailored approach, focusing on serving various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, and Retail. This ensures that HPE is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of ISC's clients, helping them achieve their business goals and stay competitive in today's ever-evolving digital landscape.

To complement its comprehensive product and service offerings, HPE also provides consulting and professional services. These services are designed to help clients optimize their technology investments, streamline operations, and address any challenges that may arise during their digital transformation journey. HPE's team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific needs, develop customized strategies, and offer ongoing support to ensure the successful implementation of technology solutions.

Security is a top priority for HPE, as they understand the importance of safeguarding valuable data and IT assets. Their solutions are designed to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats and ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations. HPE also offers advanced security features and monitoring tools that enable organizations to proactively detect and address potential vulnerabilities and breaches, thereby maintaining a secure IT environment.


  • Comprehensive Solution Portfolio: Access to HPE's wide range of products and services, including servers, storage, networking, edge computing, hybrid cloud, AI, and software-defined infrastructure.
  • Industry-specific Expertise: Tailored solutions for various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, and Retail, ensuring that the unique needs of ISC's clients are met.
  • Digital Transformation Support: Assistance with businesses' digital transformation journeys, providing the tools needed to modernize IT infrastructure and increase performance.
  • Consulting and Professional Services: Expert guidance from HPE to help clients optimize their technology investments and achieve their business objectives.
  • Enhanced Security: HPE's focus on security helps protect businesses' valuable data and IT assets from evolving cyber threats and ensures compliance with industry-specific regulations.


EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array)
HPE Apollo
HPE EMA (Enterprise Modular Array)
HPE EML Tape Libraries
HPE ESL Tape Libraries
HPE MSL Tape Libraries
HPE Nimble
HPE P2000
HPE StorageWorks VLS
HPE StoreEasy
HPE StoreOnce
HPE StoreVirtual
HPE SureStore DAT
HPE VLS Tape Libraries