Debunking TPM (Third Party Maintenance) myths: TPM services often equal or surpass OEM reliability, don't necessarily void OEM warranties, and are suitable not just for older, but also current-gen tech


1.- You get what you pay for

A big misconception is that because you are paying significantly less for maintenance and support, the service must be up to OEM standards.

A lot of the cost savings that come with using a TPM provider are due to not having to pay for services that you don't need. With flexible SLA's and support for all of your hardware under one contract, third-party maintenance providers are able to pass the cost savings directly down to you.

2.- Subpar Engineers

One lingering fear is that only the manufacturers can offer the proper support for their equipment. Many times third-party maintenance providers employ field engineers who previously worked for the OEM.

Any reputable TPM provider will employ certified professional field engineers who get the job done just as well as an OEM field engineer for significantly less money.

3.- No Access to Parts

A very legitimate concern is that TPM providers don't have access to quality OEM spare parts. Especially when it comes to older legacy equipment that is hard to come by. A top tier TPM provider such as ISC Group has forward stocking locations close to your equipment.

These warehouses have OEM parts that have been tested in your exact hardware configuration and guaranteed to work when you need it.