Dell EMC

Our focus is on delivering all-encompassing maintenance services for Dell EMC hardware, ensuring peak performance and extending your equipment's lifespan.

Dell EMC

Our team of proficient technicians employs a methodical approach to provide exceptional support for your Dell EMC devices.

  1. Inspection and Problem Identification: We begin by performing a detailed inspection of your Dell EMC hardware's current status and identifying any issues that could be affecting its performance. This procedure involves visual examinations, performance testing, and log reviews to detect potential concerns.
  2. Regular Maintenance: To avert future complications, we conduct consistent maintenance on your Dell EMC devices. This process includes removing dust and debris from internal parts, updating firmware, and verifying configurations to guarantee that your hardware maintains maximum efficiency.
  3. Component Restoration and Replacement: Should we find any hardware components that are malfunctioning or nearing the end of their lifecycle, our technicians will advise the necessary repairs or replacements. Our extensive inventory of Dell EMC parts allows us to promptly replace any faulty components and minimize downtime.
  4. Active Monitoring and Support: With our data storage remote monitoring service, we can actively supervise your Dell EMC hardware, identifying and resolving issues before they become critical. Our team of experts is accessible 24/7 to offer remote support and assist you in any troubleshooting procedures.
  5. Tailored Support Contracts and Training: ISC Group presents customizable support contracts designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring the most efficient maintenance services for your Dell EMC hardware. Additionally, we deliver training programs that equip your internal staff with the skills required to manage and maintain your Dell EMC devices effectively.

By choosing ISC Group to manage the maintenance of your Dell EMC hardware, you can have confidence that your critical systems are in the capable hands of industry professionals who are dedicated to ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

For a better understanding of the diverse Dell EMC hardware we support, please find a comprehensive list of Dell EMC device families below.


CLARiiON AX Series
CLARiiON CX Series
CLARiiON CX3 Series
CLARiiON CX4 Series
CLARiiON FC Series
Data Domain
Unity VNXE
VMAX 10K Series
VMAX 20K Series
VMAX 40K Series
VMAX Flash Series
VMAX3 Series