Two of the most popular data storage methods are cloud-based and tape-based. While these both may work depending on the data needs and volume for your organization, tape data has quite a few advantages. Here are five benefits of using physical tape data storage compared to the cloud.

1. Tape data is historically most reliable.

Tape data storage traces its origins back to the 1950’s. The fact that it is still in use today says it all. If this method has been around for almost 70 years, then you know it works and works successfully. The tapes themselves are also very dependable as each individual tape can last up to 30 years. You can modify and remove information on them as you need, without having to worry about altering their integrity.

2.  Data can be accessed no matter the emergency.

With tape data, you never have to worry about systems crashing or networks going down. Tape data can also be stored right on your company’s premises and don’t require off-site servers for back up. This will be majorly helpful when you need to access your back-up data in any type of information emergency.

3. Tapes cannot be hacked.

Unlike the cloud and other internet-based storage options that are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can be detrimental to your business operations and are definitely something you want to avoid. Since you will physically have the data on the individual tapes in your possession, they are actually one of the safest storage methods. Tape data cannot be hacked. The data on the tapes themselves can also be encrypted for additional security.

4. Cost can be lower for very large amounts of data.

Though for smaller data needs, the price for a cloud subscription may make more sense, overall for large volumes of data, tape storage wins every time. It is also the best method if you need long-term data storage for a number of years. In addition, the cost of maintenance is very low.

5. There are a variety of tape systems to choose from.

The final benefit is the fact that there are a few types of systems to choose from. When it comes to tape data storage, there is not a one size fits all approach. Ensure you really explore the available options, and then select the equipment that is best for you. For example, if you’re a big company you would want a system  that can write several tape disks simultaneously to shorten the time of the process.

Over all, your data storage strategy should fit your company’s needs exactly. To talk these over, you should request a free data storage consultation. Despite newer technologies emerging, tape data has remained one of the most prominent and reliable methods for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a long, well-documented history of success. It can also be accessed no matter what type of data emergency hits. Tapes are protected from unwanted hackers – something you’ll really appreciate. Additionally, if you have vast amounts of critical information to be saved, the cost can actually be lower with tape data storage versus cloud storage. Finally, there are a variety of tape systems available, indicating that there is virtually an option for every company to select.

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