Our aim is to provide all-inclusive maintenance services for Overland hardware, ensuring exceptional performance and prolonging the life of your equipment.


Our team of skilled technicians adopts a systematic approach to deliver top-notch support for your Overland devices.

  1. Examination and Issue Detection: We start by thoroughly examining your Overland hardware's current status and identifying any issues that may be impacting its performance. This process includes visual inspections, performance evaluations, and log analysis to uncover potential difficulties.
  2. Scheduled Maintenance: To prevent future complications, we perform routine maintenance on your Overland devices. This process involves cleaning internal components of dust and debris, updating firmware, and validating configurations to ensure that your hardware operates at optimal efficiency.
  3. Component Repairs and Replacement: If we identify any hardware components that are malfunctioning or nearing the end of their lifecycle, our technicians will propose the appropriate repairs or replacements. Our extensive inventory of Overland parts allows us to promptly replace any defective components and minimize downtime.
  4. Proactive Monitoring and Guidance: Utilizing our data storage remote monitoring service, we can actively supervise your Overland hardware to detect and remedy issues before they become critical. Our team of specialists is accessible 24/7 to offer remote support and assist you in any troubleshooting procedures.
  5. Customizable Support Contracts and Training: ISC Group presents tailored support contracts designed to meet your unique requirements, ensuring the most effective maintenance services for your Overland hardware. Additionally, we deliver training programs that help your internal staff acquire the necessary skills to manage and maintain your Overland devices proficiently.

By choosing ISC Group for the maintenance of your Overland hardware, you can have confidence that your critical systems are under the care of industry professionals who are committed to keeping them operating smoothly and effectively.

To assist you in gaining a better understanding of the variety of Overland hardware we support, a detailed list of Overland device families can be found below.